Chart: Vaccine developments, milestones and unknowns

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Our latest chart maps out the most important vaccine developments as the world races to conquer COVID-19.


  • Today, over 180 COVID-19 vaccines and 500 therapies are in development. The speed of development is unprecedented — the second quickest vaccine that was developed took four years.

  • Regulatory agencies are supporting companies to enable as many vaccines as possible to come to market. Nonetheless, safety and efficacy must be proven before reaching market.

  • There are uncertainties. These vaccines haven’t proven — yet — that they can effectively prevent people from contracting and spreading COVID-19. The durability of the vaccines is unknown, so the need for regular redosing is unknown.

  • We may be able to achieve herd immunity through vaccination, rather than infection. Manufacturing is already ongoing in preparation for the demand.

  • The prospect for significant market moves (up or down) based on Q4 data announcements is likely.


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