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Even in times of uncertainty, some things are still clear. Investors need to continue to work toward their goals, and their trusted financial advisor is there to help guide them.

Chart: Drawdown losses

Our latest chart illustrates why having a strategy to mitigate portfolio drawdowns is important.


Chart: Staying invested through volatility 
Negative equity performance can occur in years with strong positive results.


Chart: Time, not timing

Emotional decisions during periods of short-term volatility rarely pay off in the long run.


Chart: Recovery after a downturn 

Historical examples show how long it has taken for the stock market to recoup losses. 


Video: Loss aversion can cause investors to miss out on key opportunities

Aversion to loss can cause us to make both rash decisions and prevent us from taking calculated risks. And this can make investors overly conservative or stagnant.


Video: Anchoring can cause investors to rely too heavily on past information

Anchoring bias is when we put too much weight on an initial piece of information to make a decision. But markets are always changing, and it’s important to not stay rooted in the past.



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