Short-term tactical outlook

A snapshot of current views on equity, fixed-income and alternative asset classes — updated monthly to help you tactically adjust for opportunities and risks.

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overall positions

Key Takeaways
  • The markets have become very sensitive to comments from U.S. policymakers. We’ve repeatedly seen that a single statement or tweet can cause markets to turn in either direction — even mid-day. We believe a neutral stance is still appropriate in this uniquely unpredictable environment.
  • Fed policy and messaging have been receiving a lot of attention. Financial experts and economists are heavily debating the number of expected rate cuts. With longer term yields tethered to the overnight rate and expectations, we think it’s a good time to maintain policy-level duration allocations.
  • We believe non-directional strategies, such as absolute return, present compelling opportunities. We also think commodities will do well, based on idiosyncratic risks for commodity markets that are asymmetrically tilted to the upside.

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