Columbia Active Risk Allocation Portfolios

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Markets aren’t static. That’s why we built these portfolios to systematically adjust risk exposure as market conditions change. Our Global Asset Allocation Team follows a rules-based process that reallocates the portfolios to align with current market conditions, which pursues participation in market opportunities and risk mitigation during extreme conditions.

Potential Benefits

  • Risk-allocated for consistency. By allocating risk across global markets, rather than simply allocating capital, the portfolios may help investors achieve their goals more consistently.

  • Active and passive implementation. Diverse investment options allocate across global asset classes, through both ETFs and mutual funds.

  • Global multi-asset diversification. Invests in an array of global asset classes, enhancing diversification and potentially mitigating the effects of market volatility.

  • Adaptive approach. Incorporating both tactical and dynamic repositioning can meaningfully adapt and change the diversification mix when market conditions change.


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