Technical Support and Online Media FAQ

Technical Support

Our site is best viewed on the following browsers:

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For the optimal experience on this site, we recommend you download the latest browser versions:

In those places where sensitive information is passed on, such as shareholder and advisor account access, we utilize 128-bit encryption technology, the most secure encryption technology available, to scramble the messages. This makes it difficult for anyone to intercept and tamper with messages going between you and If your browser does not have 128-bit encryption, you will not be able to log in to the site.

Any information that you choose to provide on our website is kept confidential and is used only for the purpose of fulfilling your request for information. However, please note that e-mails to Columbia Threadneedle Investments (Columbia Threadneedle) are not secure and could be viewed by a third party while in transit. For this reason, please do not e-mail account information to Columbia Threadneedle.

This website uses cookies to improve delivery of site information. Cookies enable the site to recognize you. For example, if you have modified the fund tracker, your selections will be saved using cookies. If you use the same computer, your personalized fund tracker information will display when you return to the site.

If you clear your cookies or cache, you will need to update your fund tracker selections. In addition, we use cookies to analyze IP addresses and browser types and to count daily visits in order to ensure that the site is compatible with the most widely used browsers.

Your browser saves or "caches" pages that you access frequently. This means it displays the saved version of a page on your computer, and may not upload the updated version of a particular page each time you access it. This allows for quicker download time. To ensure that the updated versions of pages are loaded, you may wish to clear your cache periodically by following these steps:

In Internet Explorer, select the Tools menu, then choose Internet Options. In the General tab under Browsing history, you can choose Settings and verify that your browser automatically checks for new file versions by selecting Automatically. Or to manually remove all temporary internet files and cookies, click Delete under Browsing history.

In Firefox, select the Tools menu and select Clear recent history from the drop-down list. From here, select Details and check the box next to Cache. You can also select the Time range to clear.

Online Media

Adobe Reader is a software program that allows you to view and print Portable Document Format files. If you do not have the software, download the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Windows Media Player allows you to view streaming audio and video files. Windows Media Player is compatible with Windows Media, .avi video, and .wav sound files

Download Windows Media Player