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Critical thinking on the markets, the economy and investing from the investment teams at Columbia Threadneedle.

September 2021
The race to net zero: The role of carbon pricing in global decarbonization

With climate change on the top of everyone's mind, Columbia Threadneedle's Responsible Investment analyst team looks at what it would take to get to net zero, why it's important to mitigate the impact of climate change and what impact this process could have on the economy and financial markets.

Down the crypto rabbit hole

Crypto networks are moving beyond alternative currency and creating tangible value, says Senior Equity Analyst David Egan. But how might analysts assign a valuation to these new companies? Egan looks at how existing analytical tools can offer insight into valuation, revenue and risks for digital platforms.

Oil prices are back up, but where are they headed?

The energy sector took a substantial hit during the pandemic, as the effective shutdown of the world's economy pushed oil demand and production to unprecedented lows. While the industry has recovered since then, supply and demand dynamics could significantly impact the outlook for prices.

June 2021
An electrifying opportunity: Investing in the global energy transition

Electrification of the economy is key to decarbonization and a pillar of the global shift toward a green power paradigm. Mary Titler, Senior Fixed Income Analyst, examines the central role of the U.S. electric utility sector in decarbonizing the economy in an effort to achieve net-zero emissions goals, the drivers that are supporting this trend and potential investment implications.

A deep dive into the global chip shortage: A roundtable discussion

As the global microchip shortage has become headline news in recent months, Columbia Threadneedle analysts and investment leaders came together to discuss the story behind the shortage, how it happened and what we can expect next.

High-yield forecast: Default projections are down

Our High-Yield Credit Research Team's forecast indicates that default projections have fallen dramatically, driven by economic reopening, fiscal stimulus and significant market liquidity. However, energy, real estate, leisure and transportation sectors continue to present the areas most vulnerable to downside risk.

May 2021
Does the value rotation have staying power?

The prospects of improving economic growth and rising rates have driven a much-observed cyclical rotation as investors bet that assets that benefit from a strengthening economy and a pickup in inflation will outperform growth stocks. Jason Wang, Global Head of Quantitative Research, explains why he believes this trend is likely to continue.

March 2021
Are higher yields cause for alarm?

Rising U.S. Treasury yields have unsettled equity markets, but our Chief Investment Officer Colin Moore does not think that the recent activity alters the positive longer term outlook.

Don't worry about inflation just yet

The U.S. appears poised for a period of high growth, and along with rising GDP prospects, inflation hawks have begun sounding alarms. Anwiti Bahuguna, Head of Multi-Asset Strategy, writes that the potential for rising inflation is something to take seriously, but the inflation story is not so simple — partly because the Federal Reserve has been clear that its reaction will be different this time.

February 2021
January 2021
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