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At Columbia Threadneedle Investments, we believe that strong investment performance is driven by rigorous, proprietary research—and that the best solutions are created by teams of highly tenured and diversely talented professionals. To that end, we make significant investments in the technology and talent necessary to deliver the deep, thoughtful analysis that enables our teams to act independently.

Fixed Income

  • Multisector and single-sector strategies managed by dedicated teams that leverage common resources and sector expertise
  • Strong commitment to independent research
  • Credit research to facilitate bottom-up decision making
  • Systematic oversight through our "5P" process


  • Belief that multiple, independent sources of alpha are better than one
  • Ongoing effort to deliver consistently strong investment performance across a differentiated lineup of solutions
  • Portfolio management teams that leverage centralized research to augment their own research
  • Systematic oversight through our "5P" process
Our Oversight

We give our managers a high degree of freedom in managing their portfolios, while ensuring accountability through our rigorous “5P” process. Each manager and each portfolio is continuously monitored and assessed to review alpha and risk exposures, and to ensure the integrity of the strategy and its potential to produce positive outcomes.

5P Process

Teams must strive to create products that meet client needs and to deliver consistent, highly competitive performance against the benchmark and peer group. And though we encourage our portfolio managers to take risks, we insist that they make highly informed decisions. We provide them with powerful analytics and deep resources to enable them to uncover new opportunities and test them in a variety of methods to see what impact they may have on the portfolios.


We do not tell teams what to do, but we ensure they do what they say. Each team has the freedom to construct portfolios and generate ideas in the way they believe is best—however, they must define a sustainable and repeatable investment approach and demonstrate how that approach can add value and alpha for clients. Then they must consistently follow their investment philosophy.


A key differentiator is that independent sources of alpha feed our investment process. We generate opinions from portfolio management, fundamental analysts, systematic research analysts, and trading professionals. Opportunities are rated by each member of the team and debated collectively, although the portfolio manager makes the final call on any investment.

Performance Expectations

Our ultimate goal is to provide portfolios with long-term, top-quartile performance potential. To that end, all teams must establish clear risk and return expectations. Portfolios and managers are monitored continuously, and we review results formally twice a year to assess adherence to strategy, product viability, and performance. And, to help ensure alignment of interests and to promote accountability, portfolio manager compensation is tied to performance results.


We believe that teams of diversely talented people, operating as an entrepreneurial group, drive success. Each team is made up of seasoned portfolio managers supported by fundamental and systematic research teams. We continuously assess strengths, roles, and resources to ensure the teams have the expertise they need to succeed.