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About Columbia Management

Backed by more than 100 years of experience, Columbia Management is one of the nation’s largest asset managers. At the heart of our success and, most importantly, that of our investors, are highly talented industry professionals, brought together by a unique way of working. At Columbia Management, reaching our performance goals matters, and how we reach them matters just as much.



A way of working that works

Rigorous research, spirited debate, disciplined oversight and collaboration can help deliver what investors need to build and protect wealth.

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Columbia Management at a glance

  • A rich history:Columbia Management has a long and proud history that dates back to 1894.
  • Research driven approach: Our commitment to proprietary research draws on the strength of more than 140 career track research professionals providing insight to more than 125 portfolio managers to help deliver stronger, more consistent results.
  • Accountability: The execution of each portfolio is carefully monitored through our 5P investment oversight process. We pay our managers not only for performance, but also for adherence to their stated investment process.
  • Strong track records across asset classes: Columbia Management offers a wide range of top-rated mutual funds, with many of our funds earning a 4- or 5-star overall rating from Morningstar. View a list of our 4 and 5 star rated funds.

Management Team

William F. "Ted" Truscott
CEO, Global Asset Management

Colin Moore, AIIMR
Global Chief Investment Officer


Columbia Management 5P Investment Process

To ensure the integrity of our investment strategies, each product team participates in the 5P process – an oversight system based on accountability and meritocracy.