Custom Managed Solutions

Columbia Fixed Income Solutions

The strength of our fixed-income solutions comes from our commitment to providing truly customized portfolios, tailored to each client’s unique needs. Each account is managed by a dedicated portfolio manager and municipal specialist with extensive investment experience. Their talents and our size allow us to provide clients access to active portfolio management, institutional trading, credit research and technology resources. We offer a personalized experience, partnering closely with each client to help pursue their desired outcome.

Columbia Liability Driven Investment Solutions2

Columbia Liability Driven Investing (LDI) offers a customized fixed-income solution designed to manage the volatility of a pension plan's funded status around the key drivers of funded status risk: interest rates and credit spreads. A team of experienced investment professionals, actuaries and portfolio analysts partner with clients and their advisors to design de-risking strategies suitable to their specific plan goals and risk profile. Our flexible investment framework embraces the ongoing needs of each plan from the discovery phase through the implementation phase. The team uses the firm's full investment resources of credit analysts, strategists and traders.

Columbia Tax-Efficient Portfolio Solutions

Columbia Tax-Efficient Portfolio Solutions provide a customized equity solution designed to help clients maintain exposure to equity markets while minimizing tax drag. Each strategy manages individual stocks that make up a custom or blended set of indices, with the goal of closely following benchmark characteristics and pre-tax returns as well as generating after-tax results that consistently outperform the benchmark.

Investment Approach

At Columbia Threadneedle, we are intentionally built to help you succeed.

We equip our investment professionals with the resources, tools and insights they need to achieve ⁠or surpass the outcomes our clients expect. Our commitment to consistent client success is underpinned by our distinctly different investment approach, which comprises four pillars: 

Global perspectives

From meeting companies on the ground and around the world, to gaining an understanding of the economic, social and political trends that shape our future, the continuous exchange of insights across asset classes and sectors is ingrained in our process. These insights are debated by analysts and portfolio managers around the globe to ensure every perspective is considered.

Research intensity

Our team of 180 analysts and research associates is dedicated to original, independent research. Working collaboratively across all major asset classes our teams utilize big data and analytics, such as machine learning and augmented intelligence, to turn information into forward-looking insights that add real value to investment decisions, enabling consistent and replicable outcomes for our clients.

Responsible Investment

Well-managed companies that look to the future are better positioned to navigate the risks and challenges inherent in business and achieve sustainable performance and long-term value creation. Responsible Investment (RI) principles are an important factor, and we have developed proprietary tools that provide a robust RI framework and better analysis for portfolio managers to enhance their decision-making.

Continuous improvement

Across our global business, our Investment Consultancy & Oversight team uses a ‘5P’ approach to ensure the integrity of an investment strategy. The team engages with our portfolio managers — reviewing their performance, discussing their decision-making and analyzing their processes, all to ensure we remain faithful to our clients’ objectives and identify opportunities to continually improve. This process is tangible evidence of our commitment to accountability.

At the center of every investment decision is a single goal — our clients’ success. Your Success. Our Priority.

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Investor Newsletter

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