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Investment Approach

Columbia Core Fixed Income offers a multi-sector portfolio of high-quality securities that strives to take advantage of opportunities within the general risk parameters of the benchmark. Our investment approach focuses on achieving attractive returns proportionally greater to the risk assumed. We combine this philosophy with bottom-up independent research of each opportunity and diversification with the goal of reducing risk and cushioning volatility.

Distinguishing Features

  • Multi-sector and single-sector strategies managed by dedicated teams that leverage common resources and sector expertise
  • Strong commitment to independent research
  • Rigorous, systematic investment oversight

Investment Process

The Columbia Core Fixed Income team constructs its portfolio using the following approach:

  • Managed by an independent, multi-sector fixed- income team with a focus on relative valuation, removing the risk of emotional investment decisions and consistent sector biases
  • Portfolio managers are members of the Global Asset Allocation Committee and implement views into investment portfolios across a risk continuum
  • Leverage the global fixed-income organization for bottom-up security selection, providing access to 4 and 5 star sector-specific investment teams
  • Seeking to add alpha through multiple sources of risk and return, including out-of-benchmark opportunities