Inflation, meet your match.

Future Scholar has outmaneuvered college cost inflation.

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Today’s inflation is challenging families to find ways to stay ahead despite rising prices on almost everything, including college tuition. But with a 529 plan, advisors can help clients maximize college savings, realize significant tax benefits and—with the right plan—even outpace inflation.


Most families are painfully aware that the cost of college keeps rising. What they may not realize is that for the past three decades, college cost inflation has far surpassed regular inflation on an annual basis. Over the last 30 years average inflation rates were as follows:

  • U.S. inflation rate: 3.1%
  • Private school inflation rate: 4.3%
  • Public school inflation rate: 5.1%

Given these staggering statistics, how can families stay ahead? Consider Future Scholar 529 College Savings Plan.


As illustrated below, returns for Future Scholar's age-based options have stayed ahead of the annual college inflation impact since the plan’s inception in 2002 — for all risk tracks. In other words, a dollar invested in the plan 20 years ago has not only kept pace with but exceeded the effects of college cost inflation on that same dollar.


Future Scholar 529 advisor-sold plan vs. realized college inflation


Cumulative net returns of investment track



So by maximizing contributions to their 529 plan accounts, not only can families keep up with increasing college tuition costs, they may gain a competitive edge on inflation. Checkmate.