It’s time to talk about 529s

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You work hard to create a holistic financial plan for your clients, so if you haven’t talked to them about the benefits of a 529 plan, we’re here to help.

As year end approaches, it is the perfect time to educate investors on the unique tax benefits of advanced gifting features of 529 plans.

How to start the conversation

It’s easier to have a conversation when you have a solid understanding of how accelerated gifting works and the specific tax benefits of 529 plans.

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Accelerated gifting: How to make the most
of your 529 plan 

Real-life examples offer a detailed look at the
benefits of accelerated gifting. 

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Maximize tax-free gifts with 529 plans 

Check out the article on one of the most
unique features of 529s: the different tax-aware funding
opportunities for people who want to contribute to their
family’s 529 plans. 

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